I was seriously hurt while in a rideshare such as Uber or Lyft; can I file a lawsuit for my injuries?

Yes, if you were injured as a passenger in a rideshare vehicle such as Uber or Lyft, you may have the right to seek compensation.

New York is a no-fault insurance state which means that your initial medical expenses and lost wages are typically covered by the automobile insurance policy of the rideshare vehicle, regardless of who was at fault for the accident.

If your injuries are considered severe* or exceed the no-fault coverage limits**, you can pursue a claim against the at-fault driver(s). This could include the driver of the rideshare vehicle you were in, another driver who may have caused the accident, and under certain circumstances, the rideshare company.

*In New York State, what constitutes “serious injury”?

In New York, the “serious injury” threshold includes but is not limited to fracture, significant disfigurement, loss of an unborn child, permanent loss or use of a body organ/member/system or function, or death.

**What are New York State’s limits for no-fault coverage?

New York’s no-fault coverage, also called Personal Injury Protection (PIP) includes up to $50,000 in basic coverage for medical expenses, lost wages and other reasonable expenses caused by the accident. The other reasonable coverage can include up to $25 per day for additional expenses including transportation to and from medical appointments or for assistance at home if medically necessary.

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