Recently in College Springs Iowa, a 7 year old boy was viciously attacked by two dogs.

Unfortunately, this story is not an isolated incident. It’s not surprising to hear that children may be the most at risk population to suffer serious dog bite injuries.

In recent months at LaMarche Safranko Law, we have become involved in numerous cases where people are injured as a result of being bitten by aggressive dogs who have not been properly controlled or trained and who have a propensity for biting. Children, who are often playing on the floor, or are easily overpowered by bigger dogs often suffer the most devastating injuries. When you are your children are around dogs you should always respect a dog’s personal space and be cautious around strange dogs. See

When pet owners house dangerous dogs and fail to properly secure and train their dogs NY law holds the dog owner responsible when the dog bites. George LaMarche and Andrew Safranko have years of experience representing children and adults who have been bitten and injured by dangerous dogs.

It is important for both owners and victims to understand that when dog bite injury claims are filed, they are paid out by homeowner’s insurance liability, not directly from the owners’ pockets.

At LaMarche Safranko law we are currently investigating numerous cases of serious injuries from dog attacks. If you have any questions about dog attacks, filing a legal claim, or any other type of injury, contact our firm for a free consultation.