Our personal injury lawyers have a question and answer session with League of American Bicyclists “League Certified Instructor” and previous Education Director of the New York Bicycling Coalition, Ken Crandall. #3


How do you feel when you know, a car is approaching you when you’re on the bike?

Even after all these years, still there’s a sense of anxiety sometimes. You become very in tune to the way people drive and you can tell some people are going to give you a lot of space, and sometimes you can tell when somebody is going to just try to get as close as they can to you.  I have to evaluate every circumstance on a vehicle-by-vehicle basis, and I’ve got to be right just about almost every time otherwise… I’m not trying to make bicycling sound super dangerous, I’m out there every day and I ride anywhere from 15 to 30 plus miles a day and I’m still alive after years, but I have to be aware.

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