The consequences of refusing to take a breath test depends on what type of test you refused. If you refused to take a portable breath screening test (PBST), which is a handheld device most commonly administered at the time of the stop, this is simply a traffic ticket for which you may be fined by the court. On the other hand, if you refuse to take the breathalyzer test back at the police station, this is known as a chemical test refusal. A refusal to take a chemical test will result in the immediate suspension of your license or operating privilege at your first court appearance. However, you are entitled to a Department of Motor Vehicle (DMV) administrative refusal hearing within 15 days of your arraignment in court. If, at the DMV hearing, a judge determines you refused to take the test, your license will be revoked for 1 year and you will receive a DMV civil penalty of $500.  If you have previously refused a chemical test your license will be revoked for at least 18 months and the DMV will impose a civil penalty of $750. You will also be responsible for a Driver’s Responsibility Assessment which is $750.  This can be paid one time, or in three installments of $250.