Our Personal Injury Attorneys Explain How A Maximum Settlement Was Reached in Snowmobile Accident

The weather was clear, the sky was sunny, and there was fresh snow on the ground. It was a perfect day to snowmobile. Our client’s life changed when other sledders approached him. The trail was wide enough to accommodate all the sleds. However, one of the snowmobilers in the other group failed to stay to the right and drifted into our client’s path. There was no where to go and the impact of the two sleds ejected both riders, causing our client to shatter his leg. The recovery from this crash was agonizing. The impact on his life is permanent.

Do I need an attorney for my snowmobile accident case?

When our client questioned what his legal rights were following this accident, he contacted LaMarche Safranko Law for guidance. Initially, the insurance company declined to pay their full policy for the severe injuries he suffered.  However, LaMarche Safranko Law, a personal injury firm experienced in handling snowmobile accidents, investigated the accident, quickly filed a lawsuit, completed discovery, conducted depositions, and ultimately settled the case for the total available insurance proceeds.

What happens during a snowmobile accident lawsuit?

Attorneys at LaMarche Safranko Law filed a complaint against the negligent rider and the insurance company for the rider who caused the accident. The snowmobile lawyers at LaMarche Safranko Law investigated the case, prepared the evidence against the other snowmobiler and prepared for depositions.

Depositions confirm the other snowmobiler was at fault.

At the deposition, the defendant snowmobiler who caused the accident admitted the sun was in his eyes, the snow was kicking up, and his vision was impacted as he rode down the trail. He admitted he did not see the other sled until 1 second before the crash. Unfortunately, he never slowed down to less than 25 or 30 miles per hour which made for a severe impact and caused devastating injuries.

Talk to your insurance agent about securing maximum insurance coverage.

Snowmobile Accidents, like motorcycle accidents often result in devastating permanent injuries. In this case, the snowmobile lawyers at LaMarche Safranko Law were able to recover the maximum amount of available insurance money. It is important to carry Supplemental Underinsured Motorist (SUM) coverage. Having a knowledgeable insurance agent to make sure you carry the best insurance coverage is important. Cory O’Brien at Northeastern Insurance in Latham, NY says, “it’s crucial that my snowmobile and motorcycle clients understand the importance of SUM coverage. Any motor vehicle accident can be devastating, but snowmobile and motorcycle riders are particularly vulnerable to serious injuries. Being prepared for any injury with meaningful insurance coverage is an important conversation I have with my clients.” Snowmobiling and riding a motorcycle are great, but it is very important you are covered in case an accident occurs.