We are now in the thick of summer, which means more people will take to the roads by motorcycle. Although motorcycle riding can be very enjoyable, it comes with added dangers. Often times, according to the Albany County Sheriff, riding is dangerous because of the other cars on the road, and not because of the motorcycle.

Here are some tips from the New York State Motorcyclists Safety Program:

– Motorists should always double-check their blind spot before switching lanes as motorcycles have narrow profiles that can easily be hidden in a car’s blind spot.

– Because motorcycles are so small, it is easy for a driver to misjudge just how close they are to a car. When turning at intersections remember that a motorcycle is much closer than it appears.

– Motorcyclists often slow down by downshifting or rolling off the throttle. What this means is that their brake lights will not activate. A person driving behind a motorcycle should always give the motorcycle in front of them extra space.

– Be very cautious around a motorcyclist with their turn signal activated Turn signals on a motorcycle are not self-canceling like they are on a car. Like beginning drivers, beginning motorcyclists will forget to turn off their turn signals. This can be especially dangerous at intersections.

– Motorcycles are very good at maneuvering and their stopping distance is about the same as cars, but be sure to give extra following distance when it is dark or if it begins to rain. Just like cars, bad conditions affect a motorcycle’s ability to stop.