If you are considering hiring a lawyer, knowing what to expect from your lawyer is important.

Your lawyer should be a strong advocate who will do everything she or he can to represent you in the most honest and ethical way. Your lawyer should represent you without conflicts. Your lawyer should provide you with an understanding of the legal process and how your case will proceed through the legal process. Your lawyer should also provide you advice and guidance so that you can make important decisions. It is important that your lawyer talks with you so that you are prepared and know what to expect. Importantly, you should be comfortable with your lawyer’s abilities and know that you can receive honest answers to your questions.

Will my lawyer tell me what to say?

No. Your lawyer cannot tell you what to say, but can prepare you, if you must testify, so that your truthful testimony is understood in the best way. Your lawyer should help you understand and frame the truth. Your lawyer should also guide you about when and where you should be speaking.

Will my lawyer tell me what to do?

Your lawyer should explain all aspects of your case and review the evidence with you so that YOU, can decide what to do. Every client must have a say in their case. Every client should be empowered to make the choices you want to make by hearing and understanding the guidance your lawyer provides. You should only make important case decisions after knowing exactly what the consequences are for making that decision.

Should I tell my lawyer the truth?

Unlike television and movies, attorney client privilege has nothing to do with money. If you go to consult with a lawyer, and never retain them, that conversation you have with them during that consultation is still privileged. That is a very special and important detail. It is of utmost importance that you are honest with your attorney or potential attorney. Even if you think it may reflect negatively on you, your lawyer is not there to judge or look down on you for your choices. They should support you and explain your options, regardless of what has happened.

Will my lawyer look at all of the evidence?

Your lawyer should always become an expert in your case. Regardless of how discovery is obtained, you can expect that your lawyer will take the time and effort to review it to ensure that all the proper procedures were followed. Importantly, your lawyer should also go over it with you! Do not be afraid to communicate with your attorney about what issues are important for you to have answered, and never make a critical decision, such as resolving your case, while still having questions. Your attorney should be comfortable answering all your questions.

Will my lawyer look for important issues with my case?

Yes. Many cases come down to resolving the handful of unique issues your case presents. Therefore, it is incredibly important that your lawyer obtain and review all of the discovery and analyze all of the evidence. Your lawyer should also explain her or his review of that evidence and how it impacts your case.

If the police did not read my Miranda warnings can my case be dismissed?

One common question we often hear in criminal cases is “The police never read me my Miranda rights, they have to dismiss the case, right?” The answer is: No. The rule is Miranda must only be read prior to custodial interrogation, and even if it is not, the result is your statement cannot be used against you, not dismissal. In other words, if you are in custody and the police question you without reading your Miranda warnings, the remedy is that the statement the police took from you cannot be used as evidence against you. Therefore, if the police make this mistake, it will not result in an automatic dismissal of your case.

Is it worth getting a lawyer for my case?

Whatever legal issue you are dealing with, it is very hard for a client to argue for themselves. Not only does the client often not have the experience or full understanding of the legal system, but often, a person representing themselves is not taken as seriously as a person who is represented by a lawyer, Therefore, if you have an important legal matter, it is always in your best interests to get a lawyer. If you are charged with a misdemeanor or felony, you must have an attorney represent you.

What skills should a lawyer have?

Your lawyer should be respected, honest, and trustworthy. Many clients may want a lawyer who is the most argumentative – though often if someone argues over every issue, it becomes difficult for a judge or jury to know what the most important issues are. That is not to say that your lawyer should not fight for you, they absolutely should. In that respect, they should be able to articulate your problem succinctly, how the law provides for a remedy, and why that remedy is appropriate for you.

A skilled and experienced lawyer will help you through your legal process.

Whether you are facing the possibility of never working again because of a personal injury or are looking at jail time because of a criminal charge, a skilled and experienced lawyer will guide you through the legal process and help you achieve the best possible outcome. You should hire a lawyer that you not only feel comfortable with, but one that communicates with you along the way and does everything possible to ensure you achieve the best outcome for your case.