Who Is The Best Personal Injury Attorney in the Capital District?

Do you live in the New York Capital District?

Are you looking for the top-rated personal injury lawyer in the Albany area to represent you?

There are many choices and the answer may not be clear. However, there are certain qualities and characteristics that the best personal injury lawyers have. How do you choose the best lawyer for you?

  1. The Best Attorney’s Listen. When you meet with your lawyer does he/she sit with you and really listen to your story? A lawyer should never rush a client. Every client’s case is unique and the details of the case are important. The best lawyers spend time with their clients and provide them with individual and personal attention.
  1. Trial or Settlement. The best personal injury attorney prepares as if the case will go to trial, but can also negotiate a fair settlement. The best personal injury lawyers have trial experience and should share their verdicts after a trial. Not all cases need to go to trial. If a client prefers a settlement over the risk of going to trial, the lawyer needs to honor the client’s wishes.  The best lawyers are great negotiators who can often obtain a settlement for the client.  Resolving a case before a trial can also have cost savings and result in more money for the client.
  1. Availability. The best injury attorneys are available when their clients need them. Although all personal injury lawyers are busy with other cases and court appearances, the best lawyers are responsive to their client’s needs.  The best lawyers make time for their clients and are available by phone, email, and for face to face meetings.
  1. Communication.  The best personal injury lawyers communicate with their clients. Clients should understand the way the process works. This means explaining the case process from beginning to end, and answering questions along the way. Personal injury cases can sometimes take years to resolve. The best personal injury lawyer explains the process, where you are in the case, and what you should expect. It’s also important to follow up with clients frequently to see how the recovery is going after an injury and to learn of any new medical providers. Communication with a client is essential.
  1. Skill and Experience. The best accident lawyers have skill and experience. It’s not just the age of the lawyer but the type of work that lawyer does. Client’s should feel comfortable that the lawyer representing them has experience with similar cases and the ability and knowledge to handle your case.
  1. Mock Juries. The best lawyers use mock juries and focus groups to develop issues and plans for trial. Lawyers who use mock juries and focus groups learn important issues and facts that juries focus on. While focus groups aren’t necessary in every case, they are an important part of developing a case and preparing for trial.
  1. Empathy. The best personal injury lawyers have empathy. Following an injury, things change. Your work may be impacted and your day to day routines are different. You will be in pain. You may ask why did this happen to me?  The best lawyers know how you feel and sympathize with the client. The best injury lawyers reassure the client that the law firm is there for you to get you through the challenges of the legal process.
  1. Respected by Other Lawyers. Check to see if your lawyer is ranked as a “Super Lawyer” and/or a “Best Lawyer”. These sites highlight the best and most qualified lawyers in their field and in particular locations.
  1. Able to stay Current. Technology, society, judges, and juries are ever-changing with the times.  While lawyers must know past precedent, they should be ready, willing, and able to grasp new avenues available to them that will help you and your case, that others may miss or misunderstand.
  1. Respected by Clients. The best personal injury lawyers have positive reviews from former clients. A client should read these reviews. While you can’t believe everything you hear or read, what other clients say can be helpful in choosing the best lawyer for your case. The most common sites where reviews are posted include Avvo, Google, Facebook, Martindale, and Yelp.

However challenging it may be to answer the question as to who the best personal injury lawyer is, most of the time it’s really about who’s the best lawyer for you. Choosing a personal injury attorney is a difficult decision but, the best lawyers have certain characteristics and do certain things that make them stand out from the rest.