LaMarche Safranko Law PLLC announced today that Alex V. Bongermino, (20), was found not guilty of all charges against him which included Attempted Murder and Assault. Bongermino was defended by Attorney Nicholas Evanovich.

The jury trial was held before Hon. James M. Murphy and prosecuted by the Saratoga County District Attorney’s office.  The trial lasted just over two weeks.

Bongermino was originally arrested on December 7, 2016, and indicted on March 30, 2017. The charges stemmed from an altercation on December 7, 2016, when Bongermino stabbed another person who had threatened him with guns and knives during the hours before the stabbing.  After defending himself, Bongermino was driving towards the police and after crashing his car on the snowy roads called 911 and begged officers to protect him and his family from this other man who he still believed was a threat.

Subsequently, at the police station, Bongermino spoke to the state police for about an hour about the weeks leading up to that night and early morning and the fear and anxiety he felt.  His concerns came to a head that night when he was given alcohol and repeatedly threatened before finally choosing to defend himself.

“The jury finally did what no one else had done in the case,” said Evanovich.  “They were willing to look at every piece of evidence and did not rush to judgment.  The physical evidence continued to corroborate Alex’s explanation about what happened, which was classic self-defense.”  The jury’s only request during deliberations was to rehear Bongermino’s chilling 911 call during which he cried and pleaded with the dispatcher to help him and protect his family.

“Alex likely had to make the most difficult decision he’ll ever have to make in his life at 20 years old,” Attorney Evanovich continued.  “Alex has no criminal history, no prior arrests, and had the strong support of his family throughout the trial.  I’m extremely pleased he was finally vindicated.”