Our personal injury lawyers have a question and answer session with League of American Bicyclists “League Certified Instructor” and previous Education Director of the New York Bicycling Coalition, Ken Crandall. #6


There’s also a lot of new drivers on the road. Is there any advice or things that you would really want new drivers to know about bicyclists on the road?

I just think for new drivers, it really boils down to the same thing, it’s all about patience, it all boils down to patience on the road. Many people seem to, when they get behind the wheel of a car, all of a sudden, you’re in such a rush to get where you’re going, that nothing else, including the safety of the people around you, matters.

For new drivers, it’s really important to be patient, put yourself in the other person’s shoes, remember that not just the person on the bike, but the person behind the wheel of the other car, on the skateboard, it doesn’t matter. We’re all just trying to get somewhere. Just give me space, I’ll give you space and respect. But one of the things I need to point out is that there seems to be a false equivalency. Okay, yes, motorists have a responsibility to respect bicyclists and bicyclists have a responsibility to follow the rules of the road, just like motorists do. But really it is not an equal burden, the burden is on the motorist, the burden is on those that can do the most harm.

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