Yesterday, the City of Troy’s first ghost bicycle was dedicated to a man recently struck by a motorist and killed while riding his bicycle on River Street in June.   Following the dedication, cyclists took part in a silent bike ride.

It seems as though there has been a significant increase in cyclists being injured by passing vehicles.  Often, these accidents can be avoided by simply paying attention to the following five safety tips.

  • Wear a helmet – While it is only required for bicyclists under age 14, everyone should wear a helmet to be safe.  Make sure you only buy helmets that meet the U.S. Consumer Product Safety Commission (“CPSC”)  standard for bicycle helmets.  Look for the CPSC sticker inside the helmet.
  • Stay to the right – In New York, it is the law that cyclists must ride with traffic on the right side of the road.  This is in contrast to runners, who must run against traffic.   See Vehicle & Traffic Law § 1234.
  • Be Seen –  It is important to wear reflective clothing and use reflective lights to make yourself visible.
  • Hands Down – Always keep at least one hand on the handlebars. You never know when you’ll need to quickly change direction or brake.
  • Eye Contact – At red lights, stop signs, and in traffic, always do your best to make eye contact with motorists.  Making eye contact will remind a driver that you are present.

No matter how safe and informed you are, accidents can still happen.  The vehicle and traffic laws are complex, and facts are unique to every accident.   At LaMarche Safranko Law, we represent people who are injured including pedestrians and cyclists who are struck by automobiles.