Last year, we wrote a blog noting that Thanksgiving Eve is the #1 drinking night of the year.  Inevitably, this makes Thanksgiving Eve one of the deadliest days of the year in terms of car accidents.

From last year to this year, this has not changed.  Thanksgiving Eve is still an extremely popular reunion night and still the #1 drinking night of the year.  This year will be especially dangerous on the roads as we are expecting anywhere from 6 to 12 inches of snow.

Between the estimated 46.3 million Americans traveling over 50 miles this weekend, and the added snow, there is no need to add anymore complications to your holiday.

If you are going out the night before Thanksgiving, make sure you have a designated driver, or the number for a cab company in your phone.

If you are not going out this year, offer to pick up friends who are.  Be extra careful and drive slow, it is a lot more difficult to brake in the snow.

Don’t ruin a fun occasion by making the decision to drink and drive.  No amount of money or inconvenience is worth it.

Have a Happy AND SAFE Thanksgiving.