The length of time from the incident to the time of settlement or verdict depends on many facts. These factors include the injuries and extent of treatment, the number of defendants, the type of insurance coverage, the nature of the conduct that caused the injury, and whether a settlement can be reached or the case needs to proceed to trial. More information about how long a personal injury case takes, can be found here.

Settlements involving children under the age of 18 have an additional step which adds to the length of a case. In New York, settlements made on behalf of a child must be brought before a court by way of an “Infant Compromise” proceeding. An infant compromise proceeding requires that your school injury attorney submit documents to a Judge describing the nature of the case, the resolution of the matter, how the settlement proceeds will be handled to ensure the money is protected on behalf of the child until they become of age, and that the settlement is fair. The Judge’s role in reviewing the matter is to ensure the child is protected.