The value of your case depends on a 3 primary factors:

  • The strength of the liability. Liability means the amount of fault the defendant has for your injuries. Is the defendant 100% at fault or are you partially at fault? The value of your case will be impacted by the distribution of fault. As an example if your case is worth $300,000 and the owner is 50% at fault, the value of your case is reduced to $150,000.
  • The significance of your injuries. The type of injury you have, the duration of your treatment, whether surgery is involved, and the permanent consequences of your injury impact the value of your case. A broken arm with no surgery that heals in 6 weeks with no permanent loss of range of motion is worth much less than a fractured leg that requires multiple surgeries, leaves a significant scar, and permanently limits your ability to enjoy your life.
  • The economic losses you’ve suffered. If you have missed work and/or can’t go back to work, and/or if you have incurred medical or other expenses because of your injury, this dollar figure is an important factor in determining the full value of your claim.

The true value of your damages can only be calculated when treatment is complete, and the long-term consequences of your injury are understood.