In the event you are charged with the least serious circumstances, generally this is your first offense, no one got hurt, and it was only one or two illegal aliens, your case will likely have a five (5) year maximum sentence, or ten (10) if done for financial gain. Thankfully there is no mandatory minimum sentence, meaning the Judge does not HAVE to sentence you to prison.

If other circumstances exist, such as this is your second time doing this – even if never formally convicted of it – you may face a three (3) year mandatory minimum along with a ten (10) year maximum. That means that if you are convicted under these circumstances, even if the Judge believes you should receive no prison time, by law, they would be required to sentence you to at least three (3) years.

Alternatively, if the most severe aggravating factors exist, your mandatory minimum could increase to five (5) years, and your maximum penalty up to fifteen (15) years.