In a negligence action against a truck driver who caused a crash, unless the truck driver and/or his employer admits fault, your attorney must prove the truck driver’s negligence and the injuries resulting from the truck driver’s wrongful conduct.  To prove negligence, your truck accident lawyer will obtain the police investigative materials and speak to relevant witnesses. Additionally, there may be camera footage that exists in the vicinity of a crash.

Once a lawsuit is filed, your lawyer will seek access to company records regarding maintenance of the vehicle and the driver’s logbook. It is important to confirm the driver has not exceeded the number of driving hours in a day or a week. It is also important to confirm the truck was not overloaded or overweight for its size. Truck inspections are critical to the safe operation of the truck. Additionally, your personal injury lawyer will determine if any state or federal trucking regulations were violated and find out if there were any medical conditions that caused or contributed to the crash.