Yes. The breath test administered at the side of the road is not a calibrated instrument and is only used to help establish probable cause for an officer to make an arrest. This breath test is called a “Portable Breath Screening Test” (PBST). If you refuse to take the PBST, you will be issued a traffic ticket only. Refusing to take the PBST will not result in a suspension of your license or driving privilege. On the other hand, the breath test administered at the police station, is a calibrated breath test instrument which will provide evidence to be used at a trial. If you refuse to take this test, your license or operating privilege will be suspended and potentially revoked for at least 1 year. Whether you should take either of the breath tests depends on a number of factors including the amount of alcohol consumed, over what period of time it was consumed, the county you are in, whether or not there was an accident, and whether or not you have any prior convictions for DWI or DWAI.