1. An Accident Occurs
    • If injured, when ready, contact a personal injury lawyer to determine if a claim can be pursued on your behalf
  1. Hire a Personal Injury Attorney
    • Meet with a lawyer to discuss the incident
    • Bring medical records or other relevant documents including an accident report if available
    • Your lawyer will help you understand the process of a personal injury case
  1. Client Responsibilities
    • Follow the doctors’ advice
    • Go to all medical appointments
    • Report all symptoms to doctors
    • Take photos of injuries
    • Tell lawyer anytime a new doctor is seen
  1. The Legal Team Builds The Case
    • Determine how and why the injury occurred
    • Speak with witnesses
    • Obtain any investigative reports
    • Obtain scene, vehicle and product photos, as applicable
    • Obtain medical records and bills
    • Consider all possible claims and theories of liability against any potential defendant
    • Consult with experts
  1. Settlement Negotiations
    • Communicate and negotiate with the insurance company
    • Obtain a settlement or pursue a lawsuit
  1. Lawsuit Is Filed
    • File a summons and complaint prior to the statute of limitations
    • Serve the legal documents on the defendants
  1. Discovery
    • Prepare and exchange evidence with the other lawyers in the case
    • Conduct depositions of all relevant parties (also called EBTs)
    • Defense medical examination conducted
    • File motions (written applications) to the court if necessary
  1. Pretrial Settlement
    • Participate in arbitration or mediation if appropriate
    • Determine liens if any
    • Settle the case or proceed to trial
  1. Trial
    • You have the right to a trial by jury or by the judge who will act as both judge and jury
    • At a trial, the injured person must prove it was more likely than not that the defendant was negligent and caused injuries
    • The judge or jury will listen to all the evidence presented and the arguments by the lawyers, apply the facts to the law, and render a decision