There are many factors to consider in determining the value of your personal injuries. Your truck accident attorney must first consider who was at fault and if any fault lies with you that would reduce the value of your claim. In other words, if you are 50% at fault for the crash, you will only receive 50% of what your claim is fully valued at. Additionally, your lawyer must examine all your medical records, consult with medical doctors, and have the experience to understand the range of value your injuries may garner by way of a settlement or trial verdict. The value of injuries depends on the long term impacts the injury has on your life. For instance, a fracture without surgery is worth less than a fracture that requires surgery and the placement of hardware. An injury that heals and leaves no long-term impacts on a person is worth less than an injury that impacts a person’s ability to work and enjoy life. Brain injuries such as a mild concussion or contusions are much different than a traumatic permanent brain injury that impacts a person’s ability to work and function. It is important that your injury lawyer takes the time to truly understand the significance of your injuries and the impact the injuries have on your life.