While no two colleges have identical Title IX policies, there are baseline federal requirements that must be followed. Additionally, it is important to refer to your College or University’s specific policy and procedures. Generally, the Title IX process proceeds after an allegation is made that someone on a college campus committed an improper sexual act against another member of the college community. At this point, many colleges or universities will conduct an internal investigation run by their Title IX coordinator.  You have the right to a lawyer or representative from the school as soon as you are informed that there is an investigation against you.  It is always recommended to contact a Title IX/criminal defense lawyer prior to providing any statement.  Thereafter the matter proceeds through either an informal or formal resolution process. For many schools, any violation of a Title IX proceeding results in significant and harsh penalties. If the case cannot be resolved, a formal hearing will take place.  If an adverse decision is rendered, an appeal process is also available.