Maybe. For the purposes of this law, if multiple convictions are from the same incident, then they will be counted as only one conviction, even though they would be sealed.

For example, if you had a misdemeanor larceny in 2000 and in 2001you were convicted of two felonies, one for possession of a drug with intent to sell and one for selling it. Likely those two felonies are from the same event. Under this example, let’s also assume you were released from a prison sentence in 2005 and since then, you have never again been arrested.

Under this scenario the two felonies count as one because they occurred during the same incident. Therefore, the law sees you as having one (1) felony and one (1) misdemeanor. You would be eligible to have all three convictions sealed since it has been over ten (10) years and you have no pending criminal cases, resulting in a clean record.