Legal cases go through several distinct phases.

First there is the pre-suit phase, where an attorney will evaluate your case, collect information, request medical records, and review your records with medical experts.

Next, if your case can be supported both medically and legally, papers may be filed in court, signifying the official start of your case in court. At this point, your attorney and the attorneys for each of the defendants will begin making requests to exchange information and eventually conduct depositions, also called “examinations before trial” of each party to the lawsuit and other relevant witnesses. At a deposition, questions are asked by the attorneys and a stenographer types everything that is said.

Once all the necessary information is exchanged a case may be ready for trial and a trial date will be scheduled. During this process, discussions may occur between attorneys regarding whether the case can be resolved before a trial.

Ultimately, this resolution depends on what kind of injury your child has, the kind of documentation supporting your case, and the opinions of medical experts regarding the specific events that occurred in the case.