Possibly. The federal sentencing guidelines, which influence sentences, have over fifteen (15) categories of drug sale categories based on what drug and how much of it is sold. Near the lower end of the punishment category includes marijuana (1 kilogram, or 20 grams if its hashish oil). The minimum amounts of heroin and cocaine are a few levels above that and start at ten (10) grams for heroin, fifty (50) grams for cocaine, or 2.8 grams of cocaine base.

At its most serious, the highest categories of drug sale which carry the harshest punishment include:

  • 90 kilograms (kg) or more of heroin
  • 450 kg or more of cocaine
  • 2 kg or more of cocaine base
  • 90 kg or more of PCP
  • 45 kg or more of methamphetamine
  • 900 grams (g) or more of LSD
  • 90,000 kg or more of marijuana