When a child is injured in an automobile accident, it can be one of the most devastating times in a parent’s life. In addition to the questions about your child’s injuries and medical care, there is also the question: Who is the best lawyer to represent my child who was injured in an accident?

When a child suffers an injury in a car crash, your lawyer should have experience representing families who have gone through similar trauma, a lawyer who is compassionate, and who will be a strong advocate for you and your son or daughter.

When a teenager or child is killed in a car accident this is one of the most devastating experiences any parent can face. Every parent who has lost a child because of someone else’s negligence deserves every remedy that the civil or criminal justice system will allow.

LaMarche Safranko Law is a law firm that is recognized for its advocacy for children and represent the rights of children, teenagers and students who have been injured in a personal injury accident or car crash. LaMarche Safranko Law zealously represents children and families who have lost a child or loved one following a tragic accident. AlbanyTimesUnion/Four-car-accident-on-Route-7-kills-one ; SchoharieLimoCrash

Recently a fatal car crash in Duanesburg, NY resulted in the tragic death of one teenager and injuries to a number of other high school students, including one student who suffered a fractured collar bone and broken vertebrae in her neck and back.  Sadly, these teenager’s lives, and the lives of their families are forever altered. AlbanyTimesUnion .

If your son or daughter has been injured in a car crash LaMarche Safranko Law has a long history of supportively and compassionately representing families who are dealing with the heartache following a car accident.