In 2012, the Consumer Product Safety Commission estimated that there were 90,000 injuries to children less than 5 years old caused by toys. These injuries were not just the result of defective toys, but also toy balls, toy action figures, and toy vehicles like Power Wheels™.  Unfortunately, there are just too many toys for the Consumer Product Safety Commission (CPSC) to test them all for defects.

Many of our blogs are geared towards keeping our readers safe, but we want to make sure that the young children of our readers are equally safe.  Here are a few tips for making sure your young children are playing with safe toys this holiday season:


Although not all toys are tested, it is good to keep track of the latest kids toys recalls.  You can find the latest recalls at and the CPSC’s own website.

Peer Review:

Since the CPSC cannot check every toy, websites like

offer parents an opportunity to report harmful toys and consumer products themselves. It is also a great idea to check product reviews on websites like in order to find helpful reviews of toys.

Proven Toys:

Another helpful tip for parents is to purchase award-winning toys.  Websites like Good Housekeeping and keep lists of the best toys of the year, with safety ratings and reviews available for each toy.

Be Involved:

Last but not least, no list of recalls or proven toys can make up for hands on playtime and let’s face it, parents make the best playmates.  Playing with your kids will give you an opportunity to see how your children are using their new toys, and will ensure your children are safe.

From our families to yours, we at LaMarche Safranko Law wish you a happy holiday season, and a New Year full of health and happiness!