Thanks to everyone who supported George at the Lake Placid Half Marathon where he finished with a time of 1:38:31! George ran this race on behalf of Team In Training, a not-for-profit that has helped raise more than $875 million dollars on behalf of the Leukemia and Lymphoma Society for blood cancer research.  If you or your business are interested in participating with Team in Training and helping the cause, you can learn more about this great organization and sign up to participate here.

Following up on our blog about Pedestrian Safety, we wanted to highlight some ways in which runners, cyclists, and other outdoor fitness enthusiasts can stay safe this summer while taking to the roads and trails.

A lot of the tips from the Pedestrian Safety blog carry over and equally apply to runners, but there are a few additional things that runners can do to be safe.

Run in Groups

The saying that there is “power in numbers” may not have been coined for runner safety, but it applies all the same.  No matter how comfortable you feel running by yourself, there is safety in numbers.  Groups of runners are much safer for a number of reasons.  Groups are much easier to spot than individual runners, and groups of runners are significantly less likely to be confronted by individuals in dark alleys with bad intentions.  Here are a few local clubs:


Turn Down Your Music

The most dangerous thing that a jogger or cyclist can do while on the roads is to be distracted.  It is impossible for you to have any control over the cars and the drivers behind the wheel, but you can control the limit on your own distractions.  The first big one is your sense of hearing.  Although it is tough, and for some probably impossible, you should not run on the roads while listening to music!  Listening to music cuts off your ability to hear outside noises, such as cars and people who may be trying to communicate with you about oncoming dangers.  If you cannot part with your iPod, at the very least, turn it down to a volume that allows you to hear outside noises.

Run on the LEFT Side of the Road – It’s the Law

This tip may not be so obvious, but it is actually safest for runners to run on the side of the road with cars coming head on – the left side of the road.  On either side of the road, the cars will be able to see you equally, but you, as the runner, cannot see oncoming cars if you are running with the traffic on the right side.  So cross the road (safely of course) and see what the world looks like running against the grain, it is the safest side to be on, and it is also a requirement in New York where there are no sidewalks available under §1156 of the Vehicle and Traffic Law.

Run In the Light and Bring Your ID

If you cannot run during the daytime, make it a point to run somewhere that is well lit.  If you cannot run somewhere that is well lit, make sure you know the path, and know it well.  Whether you are running in the day or night, always wear bright colors and reflective clothing.  Runners or cyclists should always bring their drivers license and medical insurance card with them when they head out.  If by chance you are injured, these can be very helpful.


No matter how safe and informed you are, accidents can still happen.  At LaMarche Safranko Law, we represent people who are injured including pedestrians and cyclists who are struck by automobiles.  We are giving away reflective bracelets to help runners/joggers/walkers be seen.  Please provide us an e-mail and contact information at info@dani to receive a bracelet.  If you have not done so already, please like our LaMarche Safranko Law Facebook page.