21 03, 2020

Personal Injury Lawyers Provide Guidance on Nursing Home Liability During Coronavirus.

2020-06-24T17:27:02+00:00March 21st, 2020|Personal Injury, Uncategorized|

If my loved one becomes sick with Coronavirus in a nursing home, is the nursing home liable? A variety of factors make nursing homes especially at risk for the spread of infections [...]

9 03, 2020

Has Bail Been Set? Albany Criminal Defense Lawyers Explain What Happens Next.

2020-06-24T17:58:48+00:00March 9th, 2020|Criminal Defense, General News, Uncategorized|

If bail has been set, how do I get my loved one released from jail or police custody? Since the new bail reform took place as of January 1, 2020, there are [...]

11 12, 2019

Injuries and Death From Large Vehicle Crashes: Who Compensates?

2020-06-24T17:59:31+00:00December 11th, 2019|General News, Uncategorized|

The scene looked like a winter driver’s worst nightmare: As the season’s first major snowstorm blanketed the Capital Region on the evening of December 2, a bus and truck collided on I-90 eastbound [...]

13 06, 2013

Be Safe! Be Seen! Part 2

2020-06-24T15:51:08+00:00June 13th, 2013|Uncategorized|

Thanks to everyone who supported George at the Lake Placid Half Marathon where he finished with a time of 1:38:31! George ran this race on behalf of Team In Training, a not-for-profit [...]

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