On January 5, 2023, just before 1 p.m., a tour bus crash was reported on the 1-87 Northway between Warrensburg and Lake George. At this time reports state it is believed to be a single-vehicle rollover crash. https://wnyt.com/top-stories/crash-closes-northway-southbound-lanes-in-lake-george/

Whether as a passenger, driver, or family member of someone involved in a bus accident, it can be one of the most terrifying and uncertain times, especially before information is known as to how the crash occurred. Our personal injury attorneys offer some information on the legal issues and liability that can arise from an incident such as this as investigators attempt to determine what occurred.

Who is responsible for the bus crash?

At this time investigators have not yet publicly identified what caused the tour bus to rollover. Based on that information, it could be determined that multiple parties are responsible for the crash.

Parties responsible could include:

  • The driver;
  • The company that owed the bus if it was being rented;
  • The manufacturer if the crash was due to a defect or mechanical malfunction;
  • Another motorist; and
  • An auto-repair shop who is responsible for negligent vehicle maintenance.

Factors causing such an occurrence could include:

  • Driver errors due to excessive speed, inattention, intoxication, or a sudden health event such as a heart attack;
  • Vehicle equipment failure;
  • Failure to make necessary repairs to the bus;
  • Vehicle design flaws; and
  • Negligence of other drivers.

Damages and lawsuits for Bus Crashes:

The damages and losses to be claimed by victims and family members are considerable. Those who were directly injured in the crash could receive compensation including that for current and future medical bills, current and future lost income, pain and suffering, and in extreme cases punitive damages.

There is insurance coverage available to compensate bus crash victims. The amount of coverage depends on if the bus was for-hire, privately owned, or publicly owned.

At LaMarche Safranko Law we handle bus crash cases in Warrensburg, Lake George, Glens Falls, Saratoga, Albany, and throughout the state.

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